Crap that happens when it’s not Sunday

I’m driving home from work and I hear this clown-reporter from The Tennessean talking on ESPN 950 about how the Titans are much better on defense this year and blah blah blah Nick Harper is a more saavy defender than Pacman Jones blah blah blah. Then I get home and the bleeping Patriots are on the cover of SI. I only subscribe to this so-so magazine because the Colts won the Super Bowl and I wanted all the back issues from the playoff run.

Anyway so Randy Moss is on the cover and Rick Reilly’s column in the back is all about Tom Brady and how perfect he is. It is full of dating advice and other barf inducing information about Brady. About his new baby Tommy tells us, “I kind of cuddled him like a football.” Okay, I think you get the point. There was only one thing to do with this foul rag: feed it to baby Clark.