Carolina Pregame

Huge game today against the 4-2 Carolina Panthers of the NFC South. The Colts have an oppurtunity to start the season 7-0. How about this: All but one of their opponents (Jacksonville) has been in first place on the day they played the Colts. With games against New England and San Diego coming up it looks like that unfortunate theme will continue.

Injuries of note: Starters Marvin Harrison and Freddy Keiaho are out today. The Panthers are down a couple LBs including Pro Bowler Dan Morgan and they have lost QB Jake Delhomme for the season.

Stat of the day: Vinny Testaverde is playing in his 21st NFL Season. He has thrown 271 TDs and 261 interceptions. Peyton Manning is playing in his 10th NFL season. He has thrown 286 TDs and 142 interceptions.

Prediction: I know very little about the Panthers off the top of my head. Does anyone for that matter? That’s the only thing that concerns me about this game. When you take a deeper look at their team you realize that they are the same team they have always been under John Fox. They run the ball frequently and effectively. This sets up to be a repeat of the Jacksonville game. Unlike Jack Del Rio’s questionable strategy, I expect Fox to stick with the run. As far as we know, it is still the best way to slow down the Colts. Steve Smith will be good for a score, but it will be the Colts rushing attack that decides the game. Colts 27 – Panthers 19.