Bill Simmons: Belichick Apologist (part II)

Q: I bet Belichick is the type of guy who peeks at your controller as you’re selecting a play in Madden.– Mike T., Fairport N.Y.

SG: How dare you! Now that’s just uncalled for! By the way, Belichick doesn’t play video games — it’s too difficult to hold the controller while he’s wearing his five Super Bowl rings.

DZ alerted me to the hilarity of Bill Simmons’ NFL picks for the week. Many of you bloodthirsty pirates will be angered by his column to the point of warming up your car and unlocking the hidden door to your secret underground armory. But if there are any Hoosier fans out there remember that you once defended Bob Knight’s antics in much the same way (and I was right there with you), at least until he started losing opening round tournament games on a regular basis. Be sure to check out Bill’s wife’s weekly rant at the bottom. She is uncharacteristically hilarious this week.

This is the part where I get ten comments about how Bobby Knight was many things, but never a cheater. This is true, but he was as crazy as a caged mongoose. All I’m really trying to say is that as someone who has spent large chunks of time rooting for the likes of Knight, Pete Rose, Lou Pinella, and Ron Artest I’m going to give Simmons a pass for being such an idiot on this subject.