Artwork and notes from around the web

18to88 reader Ian, doodled this up for us. Here’s bigger version. Thanks man; sweet picture.

Sort of a boring morning of postgame commentary. There was a nice line in the Audibles at the Line column about the Jhole game:

Meanwhile, at the end of the half, with 11 seconds to go, Denver is called offside on a second-down pass that got the Jags to the Denver one. Jacksonville declined the penalty (which would have given them second-and-5), but then Garrard spiked the ball on third down, even though they had a timeout, and they kicked a field goal. If an intramural flag football team got to pick in the NFL draft each year, I think its games would look like this.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Jack Del Rio, flag football god!

Kravitz was ok today too.

Everyone else was pretty boring, although Prisco pimped us pretty hard (is that a good thing?). Most people are ignoring the Colts because they’ve been winning boring. That’s fine by us. Meanwhile, everyone will continue all hot and bothered by the Pats whipping Cincy next week (will they score in triple digits? Quite possibly!)

Mostly, I’m just tired of editing video. I got home after two weeks on the road, so I have a backlog of three games to edit (plus the Star Wars Family Guy show). Meanwhile, I just wonder whether the AFC South will ever lose a non-division game. I guess we’ll find out tonight. . .

Demond Sanders: Great drawing. Ask Vic referred to the Jags’ win over Denver as Del Rio’s “Signature Win.” How sad is that? Surely the Titans will lose tonight. Or not. Also I fully expect the experts to pick the Pats to win by 50 next week, given the Cincy defense. But I smell a close game. It is a primetime matchup featuring a Bengals team at home. They absolutely must win to save their season. If they fall to 1-3 then it’s curtains (especially in that division). That’s the game of the week for me.