#88 is #1 at #19

SI tried to boil down the NFL draft by the single best selection ever taken in each slot of the first round. The best #1 overall pick? John Elway. That’s obviously impossible to argue with since he is considered by many to be the greatest QB ever. They said that someday #18 might enter that discussion. Marvin was selected the best ever #19 pick.


Baltimore Colt great Lenny Moore also made the list, which raises the question, should we recognize him here at 18to88.com? The answer, no. The fans and ex-players in Baltimore have made it abundantly clear that they are bitter fools. They don’t want to acknowledge that the Colts are here, while they have their own hypocritical Ravens. If they ever decide to start being civil, we’ll be happy to list accomplishments of Baltimore Colts greats. Until that day, screw ‘em.